Below are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding self-isolation. Please do take time to read these carefully. If you still need more information, please don't hesitate to contact the school. 


I need resources such as my sketch book. 我该怎么办??

Your teacher will upload the majority of the resources you need on to MS Teams. If you think you are missing something that you are unable to work without, 给MS团队的老师发信息. 


I am experiencing technical problems including loss of internet, issues with MS Teams logins etc. 我该怎么办??

The best thing to do is to get in contact with your Year Leader. If you are unable to access an email account, ask your parents whether they can call/email the school. Make sure they provide as much detail as possible so that we can best support you to resolve the issue.


I don't have internet access or a laptop that I can use. 我该怎么办? 

With issues such as lack of internet or no working laptop/computer, please let us know so that we can do our best to help you and can let your teachers know about the issue. 在某些情况下, we are able to loan laptops to pupils or provide SIM cards so that pupils can use the data allowances to join.


我只有平板电脑或智能手机. 我可以使用MS Teams吗.

Yes - MS Teams is a very versatile programme. You can complete a lot of your work or join a live lessons with just a smart phone or tablet. 


我的工作不是在微软团队. 我该怎么办??

Work will be uploaded to MS Teams on a daily basis. Staff will be teaching groups in school as well as catering for individuals who are self-isolating.  Work may be uploaded to MS Teams at the end of the day and therefore there will be times when you cannot complete work at the same time as the lesson would usually happen. 

Please remember that the work that you do at home will not always be the same as the work that you would do when you were at school. Teachers will have had to adapt lessons and resources for you to complete at home.

You may find that you are progressing through work quicker than anticipated.  If you would like additional work or support from your teacher, please message them directly through MS Teams.  

If you do not get a response, message your Year Leader on MS Teams and they will follow up.



Yes - in many cases, teachers will run live lessons for pupils. 这些课程通常会被记录下来 


我正在努力安排我的每一天. 我该怎么办??

We would advise you to follow your normal routine with an 8.30am start and a 3pm finish as much as possible. This includes when to have break and lunch.

Take some time to write down how you are going to spend your day. Sticking to a routine will give you a sense of order and normality.

Avoid getting into bad sleeping habits as when your self-isolation period finishes, you will struggle to return to your normal routine.



How do I access free school meals while self-isolating?

If you are usually entitled to free school meals, you will get a phone call from your Year Leader asking whether you would like to collect a meal pack. The meal pack will last up to one week and therefore you may be asked to collect more than one. Remember to let your Year Leader know about any allergies you may have.

If you are self-isolating you cannot collect the pack yourself.  You will need to ask a member of your househild who is not isolating to collect the meal pack.

If you think you are entitled to free school meals but you have not been contacted, 请致电前台或发邮件


What if I feel ill but do not have coronavirus symptoms?

If you are so unwell that you would usually not come to school, message your teachers to let them know that you are unable to complete work that day.

However, it is important to keep on top of your work during this period. When you are well enough to begin work again, let your teachers know and begin catching up on any missed tasks.  Your teachers will give you deadline extensions if you communicate clearly with them. 


我需要找人说说话. 我该怎么办??

It is normal to find this period of time difficult. Remember, there are lots of people who are available to talk to if you need us.

If you feel that you need someone to talk to during this time, we are here to listen. Ms Cruickshank, Ms Donovan, Mr Jeffery or your Year Leaders can be contacted via MS Teams.

您也可以给letou乐投体育打电话或发电子邮件 and let us know you would like someone to contact you.

There are also lots of helpful websites available if you are finding self-isolation hard.